Lou Marinacci ... Pictures of Motion

Hello, and thanks for visiting my web site. You may notice a lot of lacrosse here but, I can tell you that every sport is great and I enjoy all of it!
If you are looking for individual and/or team action pictures and portraits please reach out!

A Little About Me.

I have been into photography since my college days getting pictures of my friends on the football  and my teammates on the track teams. Been in pursuit of the perfect pictures ever since.  My son got interested in lacrosse and was good enough to play at the collegiate level. So, yes, I started taking pictures of him and his teammates that morphed into friends' children on other teams and, well, you know the rest... 

I am retired after a 23 year U.S. Navy career and a 17 year stint as an Operating Room and Wound care Nurse. I started my Navy career as Hospital Corpsman with the Marines, transitioned into the diving navy via Dive School in Washington D.C. as a Deep Sea Medical Diving Technician and finished as a  Diving and Salvage Mixed Gas (HeO2) Officer. I was lucky enough to survive 5 Diving and Salvage ships that took me from the Persian Gulf westward to Hawaii and finally to the U.S. Naval Academy as as instructor and track coach in Annapolis, MD. My OR days kept us in the Annapolis area for 20 years until we "got underway" for a different scene. We currently live in St. Augustine, FL where I get my thrills riding a bicycle to go along with being behind the lens.